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Redwoods families gather for a day of co-curated content and inspiring discussion, designed by families... for families... lead by families.  This is the non-investment-conference gathering, non-panel-discussion experience... Our Summit is a convening of values-focused-families who believe that learning from each other is the powerful path forward to living and thriving with wealth.
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A two day group program for millennials that are new to wealth, investing and stewardship.  The workshop builds competence and confidence in personal awareness, financial literacy & philanthropy.  


Women’s Investment Education Workshop

Understand your overall wealth picture and learn how to better align your life goals and financial decisions. Women of all ages join to learn in community about personal growth, investment knowledge and connection to philanthropy.
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Family Meeting Kickstarter

As the multi-generation conversation begins, so should a process for family meetings.  Our Family Meeting Kickstarter program is a facilitated conversation serving as a catalyst for effective communication and decision making for generations to come. This model is tailored to the needs of the family. 


1:1 Education and Coaching

Individualized education programs tailored to the unique needs of the wealth holder, their timeline and goals.  This program is offered as a premium package.