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Pedagogy & Process


Pedagogy & Process

Effective education does not happen in silos nor is it blind to the demands of the world.  Learning doesn’t happen overnight.  We acknowledge and embrace the fact that people are busy, with many complex and often competing responsibilities.  Our education pedagogy is founded in adult learning theory and group learning best practices.  The core curriculum has been through a series of evaluations, incorporates a diversity of learning styles, and is tailored to various interests and levels of expertise.

 In our experience, the most rewarding work happens when we leave space for dialogue, questions and continuing education.  We are not static.  We spiral content, which is to say that we weave through personal discovery and investor education at the appropriate pace.  We have a plan, but often the personal needs and discovery of self will create a new direction, while staying true to the course of delivering core content.



  • foster personal growth
  • deliver financial and investment education
  • bring awareness to the complexities of wealth 
  • uncover opportunities to be an agent of influence
  • facilitate family communication
  •  serve as a bridge for the wealth holder, family and trusted advisors
  • provide connection and community to our network of families


Confidentiality and trust are pillars of our process.  We are a neutral and independent provider of education. We strictly prohibit the marketing or promotion of any investments, advisors, or philanthropic projects, as part of our program.