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  1. Who is your client?
    We work directly with families.  The parent, family or trust may pay for our services, but the person participating in the program is our client.
  2. Who should attend your program?
    Our program is ideal for newcomers to the conversation about wealth. We teach the fundamentals of private wealth and investing, focusing on the relationship between robust wealth management and personal development.  Our program is designed to provide insight and support for diverse clients and client needs: college students, couples in their 30s, a mother in her 50s, or even parents in their 60s will all find our program invaluable. 
  3. What age group do you work with?
    Our clients are as young as 18, to as young-at-heart as 72.  While our basic education program is designed for 18 and up, in family meetings the spectrum of age often extends beyond this range. 
  4. What level is your education tailored to?  
    We teach the fundamentals through our introductory course. Advanced education is also available at a premium rate.
  5. What is involved in the education program?
    We offer a core curriculum consisting of 15 modules focused on personal development, investment knowledge and change-making opportunities such as philanthropy and impact investing.  60% percent of the program delves into financial education, 30% explores personal development and family communication, and 10% examines philanthropy and impact.
  6. How can parents be involved? 
    In general we conduct an introductory conversation with parents before the course begins. Through this preliminary dialogue, we shape and customize our program to fit each student’s needs. Some parents will continue in the program, participating as a bonding experience with their children. In all cases, we hold a closing session with parents and participants.  
  7. How long are your programs?
    The group programs are 2 days.  Individual programs are a total of 15 hours.  Family retainers are on a 6-month to 2-year basis.  Family meetings can range from 1 hour to 3-day retreats.
  8. What is the benefit of a family going through the program?
    As a 38-year old husband said, “Now we are playing from the same sheet of music.”
  9. How can we stay involved and continue to learn?  
    We recommend attending our continuing education programs, participating in our “booster shot” workshop, and joining our network events.  
  10. How do you work with advisors?
    Advisors may introduce Redwoods to a family, provide input on the curriculum, and deliver some education modules, depending on the interests and needs of client families. Certain modules make perfect sense for the advisor to teach during the course, so families may want the education program to include their advisors, who we always welcome. 
  11. Do you work in-house with advisors?
    No.  The family is our client and their trusted advisor is encouraged to participate in one or two modules as a co-facilitator.  Upon request, we also support family meetings with advisors and organize continuing education. These services are offered outside of the scope of our standard program as a larger engagement with our clients. 
  12. Do you license your material?
    No.  We have had many requests for licensing, but we cannot maintain the quality of our programming outside of the guidance of our trained facilitators. 
  13. How many families do you work with at once?
    We work with about 15-20 new families per year.  Up to 5 families are on retainer at any given time, with others attending group education programs or 1:1 sessions.
  14. Where are your programs held?
    All education programs are currently offered in NYC, with some continuing education in San Francisco.  Abby Raphel and other facilitators do travel for family meetings, but not for financial education.  Abby also travels for panel discussions and keynote speeches. 
  15. How many people work for Redwoods?  
    Abby Raphel is our sole full-time employee, while other faculty members serve as “consultants” or “guest speakers”.  Redwoods is supported by 10 core faculty members, an additional 30 experts for unique topics and mentorship, and a virtual operations team for office management, legal advice and accounting.
  16. Who teaches the program?
    Abby Raphel delivers the personal development and family communication modules.  Our other faculty members deliver the financial education and philanthropy modules, with Abby serving as co-facilitator.
  17. How do you enforce confidentiality, privacy and neutrality?  
    All faculty members sign confidentiality and privacy agreements.  Additionally, no business cards or deal flow happens at anytime in our programs.  We serve our clients through education, facilitation and coaching only.
  18. What is your fee structure?  
    Group programs begin at $3,500 for individual and family retainers, and can extend beyond $25,000 per quarter.  Speaking fees and family meetings vary in range, depending on preparation, travel and advanced notice.  We do not charge an hourly rate. All work is based on a project model.
  19. How are you different from education programs offered at other wealth management firms?
     Abby Raphel holds a master’s in curriculum development. She built the program – with the help of founding supporters and faculty – with the sole purpose of providing education for families.  Customization, continuing education, trust and communication are all key components of this unique financial education and personal development model.  The faculty members have been chosen for their exceptional skill and insight into their sectors of expertise, and above all for outstanding teaching talent.  We are an education company, and education is our ONLY source of business. This sets us apart from typical wealth management firms.
  20. What do participates say about the program?
    Participants report that the program is “calming” and “surprisingly fun”, that it “kept the right pace” and had “knowledgeable faculty”, was “empowering”, and promoted  “personal growth” and  “awareness”.