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First and foremost, our focus is on the individual.  We offer a program of independent education.  The goal of our program is to cultivate awareness and knowledge for the individual, who in turn will help to sustain a family’s imprint and impact for future generations.   We are motivated by the influence an individual and her family can have on the world.

We believe strongly in open architecture, partnerships and collaborations, and that a wealth holder should have the tools to understand the complex world of finance. The result is increased confidence and competence in managing money and an empowered sense of direction.

At The Redwoods Initiative, our vision and mission is foremost about offering programs that foster personal growth and competence when dealing with wealth.  We believe this is the foundation for successful multi-generational communication, family sustainability and the long-term growth of human, social and intellectual capital.



To date we have had the privilege of serving over 250 participants and 150 families.  Where appropriate, we incorporate the family’s trusted advisor into the education program to establish a bridge of communication and to move from theory to application.


The Redwoods Initiative was launched to ensure that our quality education programs can be maintained in a neutral and independent environment. Founding fiscal and other start-up support came from Highmount and our core advisory council members.


Both our Next Gen program and Women’s Workshops were incubated from 2006-2009 under the Highmount umbrella.  The education programs were piloted, vetted and implemented during this time, setting the stage for an established and impressive record of success. 

Our Name

The origin of our name is meant to evoke the majesty of the impressive Redwood Forest of Northern California. … an empire of wisdom, conquering splendor, prosperous vision, vaulted strength and a towering legacy.