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Women's Program


March 18-19, 2017

Saturday, March 18    9:00am-4:00pm

Sunday, March 19   9:00am-3:00pm

Location: Private Office, New York City

Tuition - $3500


Sunday, March 19

Money Patterns & Making Your Mark

Review & Resume

Idea to IPO- Case Study

What is Wall Street & Wealth Management Landscape

Lunch: Trust & Estate Planning- Part 2

Social Impact Landscape: Fusion of Impact & Philanthropy

LIVE! Portfolio Review, Advisor Communications & Plan of Action

Saturday, March 18

Investor Education Workshop

Roadmap for Success

Language of Finance

Compassionate Listening & MBTI

Lunch: Macro Economics: 100 Years of Finance, Policy & Power

Core Values

Trust & Estate Planning- Part 1


  • Breaks are built into the program
  • Modules are no longer than 50 minutes
  • Lunch and snacks will be served
  • Age range of participants will be 22-60+
  • Group size is 8-14 participants
  • Sessions are designed to flow between new material and discussion
  • Pre-work is limited to the MBTI and a short questionnaire

Individual & Family

MBTI Assessment
The purpose of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) is to create self-awareness and enhanced communication skills through personality styles and self-knowledge. The tool’s application is useful to understand effective decision making and communication techniques, which are crucial to family sustainability.

Core Values
Defining our values provides us with a foundation for decision making, self-awareness, healthy communication and goal setting. Values are influenced by our world views and serve as a compass in our lives, guiding us in the direction of our purpose and passion.

Compassionate Listening
Truly effective communication begins with being present and listening. The art of listening is composed of listening for facts, feelings and values. This module will teach you the elements of compassionate listening through live case studies and pair sharing. It can be applied to working with your own family, committees, business and philanthropies.

Make Your Mark
We wear many hats in life- student, employee, parent, beneficiary, founder, board member, trustee, leader, and listener…. And many family members with wealth have championed family leadership, governance and succession planning. Hear stories and share stories of “champions” in leadership. Topics will include: define your roles, identify opportunities, recognize blind spots, and tips to kickstart family meetings.

Money MessAges & Genogram
Wealth, assets and inheriting money are taboo subjects and not talked about amongst families with the attention and sensitivity often needed. This section includes a series of exercises to begin the difficult yet necessary discussions about coming into money: Attitudes, Behaviors and Opinions about Wealth, Source & Access, & Tools for Talking about Money with Family and Trustees.


Investing, Finance & Wealth Management

Roadmap for Success
Successful wealth management encompasses many moving parts- some financial and others human. Areas include: financial planning, trust and estate planning, investment management, risk management, philanthropy, family vision, governance, communication and legacy.

Language of Finance
25 concepts an individual needs to know in order to have a conversation with their investment advisor, engage in market conversations or understand their statement. Topics include- liquidity, risk & return, asset classes, diversification and performance.

How government, policies and international relations influence the financial markets, investment decisions and your perceptions of finance. A macroeconomic view for putting the markets into perspective. Overview of the history of the markets, governing agencies and “people to know.”

Portfolio Review
A review of different types of portfolio statements (brokerage, bank custody, investment management) and how to understand the application and comparison.

Planning: Estate and Lifestyle Budget Management
Planning is a conversation that creates a roadmap for what you wish to accomplish with your financial capital and how it can help you meet your goals. Topics include: estate planning tools like trusts, wills and prenups; to personal finance topics like budgeting, knowledge of cash flow, understanding the benefit and risks of credit, tips to avoid identity theft and awareness of social media risks. Many times
wealth holders need to learn how to work with trustees and how to communicate their goals.

Wealth Management Landscape & Wall Street
This session aims to demystify Wall Street while answering these questions… What does your advisor do? How can you optimize your working relationship? What are the characteristics of advisory firms? What is a broker, analyst and investment banker? What roles do these positions play in the markets? What are potential conflicts of interest?

Advisor Communications
One of the over-arching goals of this program is for the participant to have a voice at the investment table, to participate in discussions and ask questions that can guide the advisors to better serve the client. This module walks you through the questions that can help you when working with advisors and how to better engage in discussion.

The Private Markets - Idea To IPO
The private markets begin with an idea and have stages of private capital and funding. This session will deconstruct these various stages of a business cycle and walk you through a companies evolution from “idea” to “initial public offering.”


Philanthropy, Social Impact & Action Plans

Philanthropy & Giving
The current state of US Philanthropy and core structures of giving – personal, foundation, donor advised funds. Addressing the whole ecosystem of social change and where philanthropy can play a valuable role.

Business That Makes A Difference
Businesses and investors can make a positive social change while making a profit. There are various ways to access these opportunities, depending on the type of investment or philanthropic goal desired. This session is an introduction to social entrepreneurship and impact investing.

Work on Purpose
Utilizing the pioneering work of Echoing & Green, the Work on Purpose session allows for reflection and inspiration, connecting the matters of the heart (passion and purpose) with the matters of the head (skills and talents). The results are self-awareness and potential opportunities for creating influence with one’s work, perhaps with her family and in the world.

A Road Map for The Future
Taking the time to look deeper at the big picture of your life as it relates to the individual, family and world. More than just your investment objectives, asset allocation and philanthropic goals… developing a road map for where you want to go, how to get there, who can help you, what road blocks might hinder your progress and how to measure your personal, financial and philanthropic success.


The Redwoods Initiative team has extensive experience in wealth management, philanthropic services, and business initiatives. Each module is taught by a faculty consultant with Abby Raphel leading as co-facilitator. Faculty credentials are based on sector knowledge and, equally, their talent for teaching.